Project Information

Future Growth

The Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) is central to land use and infrastructure planning under the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA). The GMA governs our local Comp Plan's framework, which identifies the characteristics the community wants to retain, reinforce, and achieve, as the City grows. The Comp Pan also identifies the resources necessary to provide services to the residents and business now and in the future.

Planning for the City’s future extends outside the current city limits to include the Greater East Wenatchee Urban Growth Area, within which the City is intended to expand.

Greater East Wenatchee Urban Growth AreaComp Plan Land Use Designations Map, a PDF is available in the document section.

The Greater East Wenatchee Urban Growth Area extends beyond the city limits to the unincorporated portions of the Urban Growth Area as shown on the map below. These areas are still under the jurisdiction of Douglas County however, through interlocal agreements and the Douglas County Countywide Planning Policies the two jurisdictions agree that the City will take the primary role for planning in these unincorporated areas.

Projected Growth

The City has been provided a 20 year growth projection for an increase of 5,377 housing units in the East Wenatchee Urban Growth Area by 2050. The City is required to ensure there is adequate capacity, buildable land and infrastructure to accommodate this growth.

What is in the Plan?

There are seven mandatory elements that must be included in the Comp Plan; Land Use, Housing, Capital Facilities, Utilities, Transportation, Climate Change & Resiliency, and Environmental Protection/Critical Areas. The City has chosen to also include Economic Development and Open Space & Recreation.

The Land Use Element is central to the Comp Plan, because it directs zoning decisions, allowed land uses, annexation policies, and more.