Street Banner Permits

It is the policy of the City of East Wenatchee that street banners are not a forum for free expression by the public. Rather, street banners may only be displayed as an expression of the City’s own sentiments. As such, only street banners reflecting City-endorsed programs, policies, or causes may be authorized and displayed.

Application Process

An online application must be submitted to the City Clerk between January 1st - November 1st of the year prior to the requested display dates. The application requires the following information:

  1. Specific dates for the banners to be displayed
  2. An electronic copy of the banner design
  3. Banner specifications and dimensions
  4. Description of the subject, event, holiday, etc., expressed by the banner

Review Process

Applications received will be evaluated and preapproved or denied by the Mayor from November 2nd - November 30th. Any application denied by the Mayor will be shared with the City Council at the next scheduled workshop meeting. 

Applications preapproved by the Mayor will be evaluated for final approval by the City Council at the first regularly scheduled Council Meeting in December. Applicants shall be notified by December 15th of the final decision.   

Banner Display

Banners must be delivered to the City Clerk's Office one week prior to the approved display start date. Banners will be installed and uninstalled by the City. Banners must be picked up within 10 days after the approved display end date. Banners not picked up may be disposed of by the City on the 11th day.

Banner Specifications

  • Height: 7’-10” center to center of bracket loop
  • Width: 2’-0” minimum 28” maximum
  • Weather proof heavy gauge vinyl or fabric
  • Shall be printed on both sides
  • Bracket loop: 1” diameter, double stitched for entire width
  • Edges shall be hemmed
  • Banners shall have a minimum of 4 wind shear cut outs
  • Grommets on pole side (see image below)
  • Any sponsoring organization logos are limited to 20% or less of each banner

Line drawing of a street light with a banner hanging to the left of the pole.