Waste Management Low-Income Discount

The City of East Wenatchee offers a 20% discount to qualified low-income residents. To apply for the Low-Income discount, the applicant must reside within city limits and be the primary account holder with Waste Management for the location.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. The income threshold to qualify for this discount is based upon the HUD Low 80% Income Limits for East Wenatchee.  
    1. A household with a single person must have a total gross income for the preceding year of $47,250, or less; 
    2. A household with two persons must have a total gross income for the preceding year of $54,000, or less; 
    3. A household with more than two persons must meet the HUD Low 80% Income Limits for East Wenatchee
  2. If the applicant is already qualified for the "Douglas County Property Tax Exemption for Senior Citizens and People with Disabilities" discount program, eligibility is automatically granted.


  1. New applications can be made at any time for the current year and are not retroactive. 
  2. Applications may be submitted for residential locations only. 
  3. The Low-Income application to the city must be submitted in the name of a "primary" Waste Management account holder for that location.
  4. The "total gross" household income means the income of all persons living within the household. This includes, but is not limited to, wages, interest from savings and bonds, annuities, Social Security, retirement benefits, supplemental security income (SSI), Social Security or private disability income, veteran’s benefits, Labor and Industry benefits, etc., without adjustment for any business or other losses or expenses.
  5. The application must be for a full-time resident at a service location.
  6. A discount shall not be provided for more than one location for any one individual.

Application Process

The following documentation should be submitted with the Low-Income Discount Application (PDF)

  1. Proof of identity (Washington State Issued ID).
  2. Copy of a current Waste Management solid waste bill for the location address. 
  3. Proof of income, examples provided below.  
    1. Social Security annual income notification for the current year
    2. 1040 tax forms 
    3. IRS Transcripts 
    4. Other income verification forms as requested 

Submit Applications

City of East Wenatchee
Attn: Finance Department
271 9th Street NE
East Wenatchee, WA 98802

For additional information regarding your current bill, recycling, garbage, yard debris, other rates, or how to pay my bill, etc., please visit the Waste Management Resources and Information Web Page